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Supreme Court Decision on Affordable Health Care Act

Over the past two years, many of my constituents have contacted me about the Affordable Care Act. The Act is controversial and I write this knowing that some of you have strongly supported it while others have strongly opposed it.

As you know, the Supreme Court upheld the law in its decision yesterday. Consequently, I think Georgia needs to be prepared to move forward with the expectation that the law will continue to take effect.

The Act includes the requirement that individuals who do not already receive health insurance from their employer or the government purchase a health insurance policy. Although some parts of the law will not take effect until 2013 or 2014, there are two provisions that require states to take action very soon.

States are required to create health care exchanges to help small businesses and individuals purchase health insurance. States must set up exchanges or the federal government will step in and set up the exchanges for them. So far, Georgia has not set up its own exchange. In my opinion, it is in the interest of the people of Georgia for our state to create its own health insurance exchange that is designed to meet the needs of the people of Georgia rather than have the federal government do it for us. This has been my publicly stated position for the last two years.

Another key provision of the Act involves expanding the Medicaid program to cover more low-to-moderate income families. This could have a major impact on Georgia since close to one in five residents of our state currently lack health insurance and most fall into the low-to-moderate income category. The federal government is going to pay for all of the cost of the expansion for the first three years and 90 percent of the cost after that, so the additional cost to Georgia taxpayers would be fairly small. Georgia will need to act soon to receive these Federal funds.

Up to the present, Georgia has refused to enact provisions of the law because our state was suing to block the law. However, it is worth noting that despite the professed public opposition to the law from our state's leaders, the new state budget that takes effect on July 1st contains millions of dollars of Affordable Care Act money. For an analysis from the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute on the impact of the law on Georgia, click here.

To read the Act and see the timeline for implementation, please click here.

Scott Receives Environmental Leadership Award

The Georgia Conservation Voters recognized Scott with its Environmental Leadership Award for the second straight year. Read a story about it by clicking here.

"Holcomb never hesitated to fight for the protection of our health and quality of life, and the Georgia we all love is better off because of his leadership this year at the General Assembly," said Rob Teilhet, executive director.

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Residents of new House District 81:

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