Representative Holcomb Receives 2012 Environmental Leadership Award from Georgia Conservation Voters

Georgia Conservation Votes Press Release

ATLANTA —Representative Scott Holcomb (D-Atlanta) was presented the 2012 Environmental Leadership Award from Georgia Conservation Voters, a non-partisan organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of life of all Georgians by making conservation issues a top priority with Georgia's elected officials, political candidates and voters.

"Representative Holcomb never hesitated to fight for the protection of our health and quality of life, and the Georgia we all love is better off because of his leadership this year at the General Assembly," said Rob Teilhet, Executive Director of Georgia Conservation Voters.

"Representative Holcomb not only cast votes in favor of protecting Georgia's natural resources this year, but he actively worked to promote an understanding among his colleagues of the need to protect Georgia's environment as an integral part of preserving our way of life," continued Teilhet.

"I am very proud to receive the 2012 Environmental Leadership Award from Georgia Conservation Voters. Georgia is best served when we look after the environment and enact policies that promote smart and sustainable growth," said Rep. Scott Holcomb.

Georgia Conservation Voters works with environmental and sportsmen's organizations across the state to develop shared legislative priorities each year. Legislators receive Environmental Leadership Awards based upon their votes and leadership during the legislative session. Representative Holcomb was one of forty-two members of the Georgia General Assembly to receive a 2012 Environmental Leadership Award.

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