Scott Holcomb Looks Likely To Replace Rep. Kevin Levitas

Tom Baxter
InsiderAdvantage Georgia

(5/19/10) Scott Holcomb, a 2006 candidate for secretary of state, was the only Democrat to qualify to run for the House seat left open by Rep. Kevin Levitas. That means that barring a successful challenge by an independent, he will have walked into a seat no one knew was open until after the regular qualifying period.

Holcomb said after qualifying for the seat Wednesday he was taking nothing for granted, and will be "pounding the pavement" in his district, which consists of parts of unincorporated northeast DeKalb County.

Levitas qualified to run again but announced a week later he'd decided not to return.
Holcomb quickly became the choice of party leaders who hoped to avoid a last-minute primary battle for the seat. Secretary of State Brian Kemp ruled that since no Republicans previously qualified for the post, there would only be a Democratic primary for it, and he set the special qualifying period for this week.

Holcomb, a veteran of three military combat tours, said things have worked out well for him politically. His son was born only two days after the 2006 primary, and he would not have had as much time to be with him if he'd won the race that year, he said. Serving as a legislator means he won't have to be away from his family to run for office, he added.

Holcomb said he wants to focus on job growth, education and transportation.

"Like many Georgians, I'm troubled by where our state is, and where it's going," Holcomb said.

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