Update on the General Assembly


As I'm certain you know, early this morning DeKalb County sustained a major water main break on Buford Highway, near I-285 and in the 81st House District. As I write this, most of us have our water back, but the boil water advisory is still in effect. This advisory was issued because the loss of water or water pressure can jeopardize the safety of the water, and it must be tested. The County is sending out regular updates. You can register for text and phone updates on this situation, as well as emergency notifications here and you can check for updates here.

Crossover Day occurred last week. This is the day when a piece of legislation must pass either the House or the Senate in order to be considered by the other chamber before the end of the session.

Key Bills that crossed over:

HB 764 provides for the lawful possession of certain quantities of low THC oil and marijuana.

HB 605, The Hidden Predator Act, increases the statute of limitations for an action relating to childhood sexual abuse. You can read more here.

HB 673, "Hands-Free Georgia Act," prohibits an individual from physically holding or supporting a wireless telecommunication device or a stand-alone electronic device or reaching for devices in such a way that the driver is no longer seated in a driving position while operating a motor vehicle.

Both chambers passed bills that would establish a new regional transit authority. House Bill 930 seeks to create a regional transit governing body, the "ATL" (Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority) and Senate Bill 386 would create the Atlanta-region Transit Link Commission. More information can be found here.

HB 745, the legislation that I filed to help victims of domestic violence, was not passed. However, a duplicate version of the bill was filed by a Republican lawmaker as HB 834 and it passed the House. I spoke in favor of it as my main priority is the policy.

DeKalb County legislation:

Legislation that would have abolished the CEO position in DeKalb County, House Bill 961; legislation that would have created the City of Greenhaven, House Bill 644; and legislation that would have created the City of Vista Grove, House Bill 1001, did not make it to the floor of the House for votes. This means that there will be no Greenhaven referendum this year, but the option for Vista Grove to be considered next year still remains.

The DeKalb County House and Senate Delegations are considering a bill to review the County's charter.


Qualifying for statewide offices and for the General Assembly is this week. I will run for another term and I hope I can earn your support.


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