Rep. Scott Holcomb Statement on GBI Report


Atlanta—The Georgia Bureau of Investigation ("GBI") published its report concerning the number of sexual assault kits that have been tested and the number that await testing. The report was required by Senate Bill 304, which was sponsored by Rep. Scott Holcomb.

GBI reported the following:
• 3,006 sexual assault kits were sent to GBI from April 26, 2016 through November 30, 2016
• 1,572 sexual assault kits were tested from April 26, 2016 through November 30, 2016 (including kits received prior to April 26th)
• 4,209 sexual assault kits to be tested
• 150-170 sexual assault kits are sent to GBI each month

Rep. Holcomb commented, "These numbers are horrifying and represent thousands of victims of sexual violence in Georgia. We need to pursue justice for them and address the causes of violence." He added, "The system that was put into place by Senate Bill 304 is working. We have a process to ensure that cases move forward and we know the number of untested kits. Now we need to test the kits and prosecute offenders."

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