Setting the Record Straight


You may have recently received a mailer on behalf of both my opponent and Fran Millar. Mr. Millar represents our community in the senate. I don't usually respond to campaign attacks, but this one is different.

The mailer, which states that Mr. Millar has chosen to support my opponent because I have not made reform in DeKalb a priority and have not worked on changing the form of government, is false. Last session, I authored legislation that would provide for a referendum to eliminate the CEO model of government and replace it with an elected commission chair and professional county manager. I worked on the legislation for months, held town halls and public forums around the county, and solicited and received feedback concerning the proposal. Mr. Millar filed a Senate version that was based on my bill so he clearly knows that I made this work a priority.

In addition to writing legislation to modernize the form of government, I also passed DeKalb County reform legislation that strengthened ethics (HB597), improved procurement policies (HB598), and created an independent auditor (HB599). These bills were the product of considerable work from concerned citizens and reform advocates and they bring best practices to DeKalb County government.

If re-elected, I will continue to lead DeKalb County reform efforts. I will also continue to run honest, fact-based campaigns.

Very best,

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