DeKalb County School Superintendent search


I want my constituents to be aware of a critical issue. Tomorrow (Wednesday, December 17th) the DeKalb Board of Education (BOE) will meet to discuss the search for a superintendent to replace Michael Thurmond, whose contract ends on June 30, 2015. At this point there is only one potential search firm, PROACT, which will make a presentation at this meeting. Following this, the Board will discuss PROACT and the process that they will use in the selection of candidates for the superintendent position.

Parent Councils United, which in my house district includes members of the Emory/LaVista Parent Council, the Tucker Parent Council and the Dunwoody/Chamblee Parent Council, is recommending that the BOE appoint a Candidate Selection Committee, comprised of recognized community leaders. Doing so would indicate that DeKalb County is ready to move ahead using best search practices by partnering with key stakeholders. Potential outstanding candidates likely will be more interested in considering the DeKalb School System if they know that high profile education, community and business leaders, as well as representatives of higher education, are involved and invested in the process.

In communities where a search is conducted in an inclusive way, the stakeholder group described above coordinates with the national search firm to attract the best pool of candidates, prioritizing the superintendent qualities that DeKalb parents and other stakeholders value the most, evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates, and constructs a short list of candidates to present to the school board, which makes the ultimate selection.

Parent Councils United is asking for your help in communicating to the BOE members that you would like an inclusive recruitment process for the superintendent position, as this is likely to result in a better pool of candidates. I support this approach, and would like to encourage all my constituents who reside in DeKalb to make this request of our school board members. Because they meet tomorrow, it is important for you to make contact as soon as possible.

Please contact the Members of the School Board and let them know if you support this inclusive approach. The contact information for the School Board can be found at this link:

Because this issue impacts the entire district, I recommend you contact all of the Board Members and not only those who cover the schools in the 81st district.

When you write to them, let them know you support the inclusive approach recommended by Parent Councils United and request that the Board appoint a Candidate Selection Committee to assist with the superintendent search. I recommend including your residential address so the Board members will know that you reside in DeKalb County.

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