Lakeside and Tucker postponed


I just attended the House Governmental Affairs Committee meeting. The Committee heard from Rep. Mike Jacobs who worked with the Lakeside and Tucker leaders to craft the compromise last week. He recommended that neither Lakeside nor Tucker move forward this year because to do so would require changing the rules of the House. Such a change would not have passed the House Rules Committee. Consequently, Senator Fran Millar withdrew SB 270.

This means that there will not be a vote this year on the proposed cities of Lakeside, Tucker, or Briarcliff. It is too early to state what may happen going forward, but one possibility is that the compromise map agreed to by Lakeside and Tucker could be considered in the next session. In other words, just because there will not be a vote this year does not mean that there will not be one at a later time.

Throughout this year, I have stated that this process needs to be fair, inclusive, transparent, and non-partisan. That will continue to be my priority as the conversation continues.

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