Town Hall Meetings and Legislative Update


Town Hall Meeting Wednesday, February 12th at Hawthorne Elementary School

Reps. Mary Margaret Oliver and Michele Henson and I are holding a town hall meeting to update you on the current legislative session and hear your thoughts and concerns. All my constituents are welcome. The time is 6:30-8 PM. The school's location is 2535 Caladium Drive, Atlanta, 30345.

Lakeside/Tucker Town Hall 2/3: Recap

Monday's town hall meeting for my constituents (and those of Rep. Coach Williams) who live in the area included in both proposed cities of Lakeside and Tucker was very well attended, with over 150 participants. Many proponents of each city spoke for two minutes each, all with great passion. Several participants also spoke about having a preference for no new cities at this time. To those of you who attended, I thank you for being so willing to share your views, and I go forward very mindful of the strong viewpoints that exist among my constituents and other residents of the area. In addition, my staff and I are currently compiling the results of the survey that was conducted among the meeting's participants.

On Wednesday, SB 270, the Lakeside bill sponsored by Senator Fran Millar, was passed out of the State and Local Governmental Operations General Committee, and may move to a vote by the full Senate. The map is new, and can be seen here.

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