Snowjam 2014 and Town Hall Meeting at Tucker Library


Snowjam 2014 and Town Hall Meeting at Tucker Library

The snowstorm

Greetings to all my constituents. I wish it were the case that all of you, and everyone else in metro Atlanta, were safe at home today, but I have heard from some of you who are still stranded, and I know that others have taken shelter in various places, with their cars abandoned. I feel tremendous sympathy for everyone who is suffering the impact of the snowstorm. There have been many wonderful acts of kindness over the last 24 hours and I am really proud of everyone who stepped up to help those in need.

This just in (1 PM) from GEMA:

"Please note that a State of Emergency remains in effect until noon on Thursday. This replaces the Winter Storm Warning that expired at 1:00 pm EST this afternoon. …A combination of some sleet initially followed by 1 to 3 inches of snow caused most roadways to become extremely hazardous and in many cases impassable. The ice and snow has been compacted into solid sheets of ice which continues to cause treacherous road conditions. Hundreds of vehicles and trucks are still stranded or abandoned on portions of the interstates and primary roads in the Atlanta metro area. Any melting that occurs this afternoon will refreeze tonight as temperatures fall into the teens.

"The Georgia Emergency Management Agency requests that travel be limited to emergencies only for your safety, and for the safety of emergency officials and Georgia Department of Transportation employees that continue to respond to the dangerous impacts of the winter storm."

Town hall meeting this coming Monday, 2/3, for my constituents who are included in both the proposed cities of Lakeside and Tucker

Monday, February 3, 2013, 7-8:15 PM

Tucker—Reid Cofer Library, 5234 LaVista Rd., Tucker

Why: I have been hearing from many of my constituents in this area, and it is clear to me that you have many different viewpoints, some in favor of one or the other city, and some favoring no city. I thank you for your calls and emails, and I would like to have the opportunity to hear your views in person.

Details: The focus of this meeting will be a discussion with my constituents about the competing cityhood proposals—Lakeside and Tucker—facing all of my outside-the-Perimeter constituents.

This meeting will not involve formal presentations by either of the cityhood groups, although they certainly are welcome to attend. It will be an informal discussion to help me fully understand my constituents' viewpoints and to encourage discussion among the group. Each participant will have the opportunity to speak briefly.

My other constituents are welcome, but the meeting will focus on the area described above. I will have future town hall meetings in other parts of the district.

Note: Residents of the Midvale Rd. area that borders my district are also welcome to attend, and I will invite Rep. Coach Williams, who represents them.

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