Results of Yesterday's State Board of Education Hearing Concerning the DeKalb Board of Education


Results of Yesterday's State Board of Education Hearing Concerning the DeKalb Board of Education

Yesterday afternoon, the State Board of Education ("BoE") conducted a hearing to determine whether they should recommend to the Governor that he suspend the members of the DeKalb Board of Education. I attended the full hearing and listened to all of the testimony and the questions. I found the State BoE to be very well informed. They asked tough and important questions and required accountability from each of the members of the DeKalb BoE.

After hearing testimony from all of the members of the DeKalb BoE, the State BoE deferred making an immediate recommendation. Instead, they entered into a Consent Order and Agreement ("Consent Order") that requires that this hearing will continue on February 21, 2013 at 1 PM.

What does this mean?

The State BoE gave the DeKalb BoE a little over a month to demonstrate they are making progress in addressing the issues raised in the SACS report. (

It is impossible to say what action the State BoE will take after the next hearing. My impression is that, if the DeKalb BoE shows little to no progress, then the State BoE will vote to recommend suspension. If the DeKalb BoE shows progress, then the State BoE may give them more time and continue to monitor through a Consent Order that describes specific actions within prescribed timeframes.

I will continue to monitor these proceedings and provide updates. In my opinion, this is the most important issue now facing DeKalb County. I am committed to keeping you informed and doing my part to be sure that public officials do the right thing for our children and the welfare of our community.

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