The Triumph of Decency


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Many constituents have written and called me to express their support for me and their concern about all the terrible messages they've been receiving from my opponent. It's been ugly, for sure. Through it all, I'm grateful that so many of you are interested in what's happening. Let me give you a flavor of where things stand just a few days before the election.

This has been a very good week for the campaign. I believe the key has been my integrity and the quality of the all-volunteer campaign I have run. With each passing day, more people have jumped aboard our campaign. I believe that is because I have run a race that's true to the values we share. I've told you what I will fight for - protecting funding for our classrooms, ethics in government, investments to drive economic prosperity. I've told you what I'd fight against - extremist proposals that are at best divisive and at worst destructive for our community. I have told you who I am and how I have lived a life of service.

Plenty of people have noticed that my opponent has run a race that is fundamentally dishonest and out of synch with the values of this district. Some prominent people spoke up about my opponent this week. As I mentioned in my last update, prominent conservative Erick Erickson endorsed me over the Republican in this race because he said he'd rather have "an honest Democrat than a lying fool."

Since then, Erick has continued to back my candidacy and he has talked about it on his radio show on WSB. Dick Yarbrough, the political pundit, criticized my opponent and refused to even mention his name. He said, "I am conservative by nature, but I hope Scott Holcomb waxes his opponent on Election Day . . . ."

On Tuesday, Doraville City Councilman Brian Bates, a Republican, wrote a post about the 81st House District contest. Councilman Bates wrote that this race is not about Republican or Democrat but about putting the best person in office, the person with the greatest ability to work with others to get sensible solutions passed, and the person with the most integrity. Based on those criteria, he wrote, "My support is squarely behind Scott Holcomb." I recommend the entire piece to you and you can find it here at bsquared.

That same day, Dr. Carla Roberts, who ran in the Republican primary against my opponent, published an article that blasted him and his consultants. She wrote, "As my campaign progressed, my family and I endured frivolous, meant-for-distraction court cases, threatening phone calls and emails, unprovoked character assassinations, and private investigators combing my neighborhood." She continued, "I believe it's my duty, as an American, and as a Republican, to call out shameful behavior when I see it." You can read her entire piece here at Georgia Pundit.

The people of this district are smart and practical. We know that heated rhetoric isn't going to fix our schools or bring back good jobs. Dirty politics doesn't help us build a healthier, wealthier and stronger community. That's why I'm winning more and more support. It is a triumph of decency. The public reaction to this campaign makes me optimistic about our ability to solve problems here in Georgia. It shows that, regardless of party affiliation, we can come together to move things forward.

I am so grateful for our tremendous team of volunteers. Won't you join us in the final push to victory on November 6? There are still more doors to knock on and phone calls to make before this good work is done!

Around the District

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of meeting with 3rd grade students from Midvale Elementary School during their visit to the State Capitol. We had a great time and they asked some terrific questions.

On Wednesday, I went to Henderson Mill Elementary School for the official announcement of the school's certification as a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math School. It was an outstanding event and I commend the school for its achievement.

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