Boedeker vs. Holcomb

Brian Bates
B Squared

Recently a resident asked me my opinion about the race for District 81 House seat between Chris Boedeker (R) and Scott Holcomb (D).

I was reluctant to do so because ultimately the city needs to work closely with whomever is elected to pass legislation and charter changes that are incredibly important to the future of the City of Doraville.

However, the resident asked me a very important question. "Is integrity important to politicians anymore?"

It was an easy answer for me, yes. And that sealed the deal for me. Over the last several weeks I have talked with both Chris and Scott on several occasions and covered a number of topics. I have read with interest their campaign mailers and other materials, reviewed their websites and followed what others have said.

As a politician, we are told to never talk bad about our own party. I think that is one of the fundamental problems in politics today. We are so partisan and so desirous of being in power, that we often overlook the foibles within our own party and defend the "crazy" so-to-speak, just to gain that extra vote.

Enough is enough. As a long-time Republican I can no longer sit by quietly and let the campaign tactics of the Boedeker campaign go unchallenged. Chris' website sums it up best when he says, "It's much easier to score political points, to misrepresent your opponents, to play the game." That is exactly what he has done to Scott Holcomb. That is exactly what he did to Carla Roberts. That is exactly what he will do down at the State House.

This race is not about Republican or Democrat. This race is about putting the best person in office, the person with the greatest ability to work with others to get sensible solutions passed, and most important, with the most integrity.

Based upon that criteria, my support is squarely behind Scott Holcomb and please join me, along with many others, Republicans and Democrats alike, and tell future campaigns that if you are going to run, run on your merits, your ideas, and your skills, and not on tearing down your opponent. Tell them that we will no longer tolerate campaigns based upon lies, misstatements, and untruths.

We must regain the integrity in our political process and that starts at the very beginning, in the campaigns that you choose to run.

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